Henry Kole is a Swedish based and internationally conceptualised lifestyle shoe brand. Inspired by the modern and urban lifestyle of stylish women on the move and with a unique voice in the footwear market, Henry Kole is here to provide limited collections of shoes of high grade materials, fit and quality. 


Henry Kole goods are handcrafted within the bustling shoe regions of Southern Spain. The brand incorporates genuine Italian leather uppers and linings, hand treated suedes, and carefully crafted soles and trimmings specific to each pair. 


The essence of the Henry Kole shoe collection is based on Swedish minimalistic design and trends, coupled with the self-confidence to live out your own unique style.


Henry Kole as a brand was born in 2009, founded in Los Angeles by the Swedish entrepreneur Henrik Klintenberg. After several years in the design, e-commerce & shoe industry, a strong evolving passion for creativity and fashion trends, the Swedish e-tailer and his team decided to take his brand to the next level by launching the first Henry Kole Collection early in 2015.